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As one of London’s most creative districts, Shoreditch boasts a diverse arts scene ranging from international commercial galleries and public arts institutions to artist-led spaces.

The Shoreditch Art Map has been designed to be a comprehensive but simple guide to help you discover and enjoy more contemporary art across the area. All 30 of the listed art spaces are free to visit and within a 30-minute walk of each other.

5000 printed maps have been distributed across the local area, with each copy including one of five possible artworks produced by local artists. High quality prints of these works are available for purchase at E1 Brew Co.

This is the first edition of the map, with future versions to be released across the year. The project and design will evolve over time, and to help with this your feedback is always welcome – if you have any thoughts please email us at info@shoreditchartmap.com.

E1 Brew Co championing and supporting the publication of this map will allow people to explore the art landscape around Shoreditch. There’s so much to see, and so little time, so we’re doing our best to shine a spotlight on some of the highlights.


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